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Company Objectives


Maintain Safety

P.S. Systems Inc. provides our employees a rewarding, challenging, pleasant, safe,

and secure work environment

that promotes safety between

employees and customers that interact with our products.


Quality Products

Our employees develop and market desirable, innovative, new products that we design to enhance and maintain peak performance in vehicles. Above all, our services are intended to improve performance, quality, and be cost-effective for our customers.


Excellent Service

Our company prides itself on being proactive and responsive to our customer needs and expectations at all times. In other words, we create memorable experiences for the people we do business with, as well as put customer service first and ensure that we provide satisfaction every time.


Mission Statement

At P.S. Systems Inc., our mission is to be a technologically progressive and environmentally sensitive remanufacturer and supplier that provides outstanding products and services to our customers at very competitive prices.


We have worked tirelessly to create quality products that outperform competitors and develop a company that's proud of our work. Whether it be a state of the art power steering system or a rare vintage part, P.S. Systems Inc. guarantees that we design our products to deliver a performance like none other and surpass expectations.


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Our Address

1184 NW 163rd Dr

Miami, FL 33169

Contact Information

Our Customers

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