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The in-house engineering expertise, careful disassembly, and machining thorough cleaning, meticulous assembly in a cleanroom environment, and functional testing at P.S. Systems Inc. have ensured a remanufactured product of unsurpassed quality and reliability. We have components that surpass OEM specifications and most components feature a limited lifetime guarantee.

We are proud of every product that we create. Our team looks forward to continuing to deliver exceptional remanufactured parts to customers that are in need of high-quality power steering and hydraulic system parts for years to come.


The parts that our company produces are of the utmost quality and are designed to deliver exceptional performance, every time.


Every product that our company creates comes with a limited warranty that ensures satisfaction and the excellence of our parts.


Our products are highly affordable and we ensure that no matter which part your company needs, it's competitively priced.


Our company remanufactures and supplies companies with a wide variety of products, ranging from vintage 50's automobile parts to modern masterpieces.

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